About Psychic Sessions



Payment is due prior to booking the session.  As soon as the payment has been made you will be taken to Therese's scheduler to book your session. 

NOTE:  Therese is in Tacoma, Washington, USA (just in case you’re wondering why her scheduler has her open at crazy early hours in your timezone.)


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 No psychic can be considered 100% accurate, therefore readings are for entertainment purposes only.  You must be at least 18 years of age.  Currently all reading payments are processed through PayPal.  Session must be paid in full before reading. 

About Spirit Circles

What Are They?


They are a unique  way to use the natural heightened energy of the lunar and planetary cycles, to help strengthen your spiritual connection, receive guidance and turbo boost your manifesting power, to

align with the flow of the Universe.

Therese (guided by her Team in Spirit) takes you on a journey release what no longer serves you during Full Moon Spirit Circles in preparation for the New oon spirit circle where the energy is all about harvesting; reaping the rewards and calling in your manifestations!

How Do They Work?


Your purchase gets you a live seat at the Spirit Circle of your choosing.  This is a virtual (online) ritual that is approximately 90 mins in total.

60 mins of guided, transformational work and channeled meditation, ritual and messages, then 20 – 30 mins of Q&A/short personal  psychic readings time for those who stay on the call, lucky you!

Note:  The Q&A component will not be available on the recording to respect people’s privacy.  Not everyone may not get their questions answered as it is first come first serve.

Therese can’t predict what her Team in Spirit is going to want to bring through or what amazing journey you are going to go on but we can tell you it’s divinely guided so bring your water and a notebook as they often give you questions to ponder for ongoing change and integration.

Are They Recorded?

 YES!  So if you can’t make the live call you can still get all the energy, healing and awesomeness channeled through during the call, the only thing it doesn’t include is the Q&A with Therese's Spirit Team at the end. 

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